The Plan - Qwen Salsbury

***** Amusing and witty chick-lit

In my wanderings among the literary genres I came across this chick-lit a little out of the box.
The impact of the story is not easy. It opens with a completely useless prologue, because it anticipates a scene you will see in the second part of the book. It was put there to attract the female reader (oh, yes, it’s a book for women!) and compensate with the real beginning, which is perhaps a bit slow. The problem is that unfortunately it reveals something about how the story will develop, which is why I would recommend skipping it.
After the prologue, which I immediately tried to forget, I was immediately intrigued by the story. The main character tells us about her not well-defined “plan” to conquer her boss, who seems rather not having any idea of her existence. The tone is very ironic. The diary structure, which at the beginning of each chapter indicates the day of employment and a few sentences outlining the situation, wins more than a smile. The style is characterized by short periods, even of a single word, which reproduce well the fragmented thoughts of the protagonist. It really seems to be in her head, to live her emotions.
The language is always polite, never vulgar, even in some long intimate scenes, where she makes extensive use of figures of speech.
It isn’t perhaps an original story as general plot, but it’s built in a surprising way, with unexpected changes of direction. The fact that I read it in just three days, although it is not a very short novel, confirms the ability of the author to keep the reader glued to the pages.
One thing that is not clear to me is why it is listed in some websites as an erotic novel, when it is not at all and, I would add, fortunately. It is a “Sex and the City” style chick-lit, not even so explicit.
An absolutely recommended reading.

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