Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio - Francesco Zampa

***** Italian detective story with an international appeal

You do understand immediately, reading the first sentence of this novel, to be confronted to the work of an author who knows what he’s doing. The quick beginning of “Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio” is a real hook. After reading it, you have to keep going and you find yourself immediately in the middle of the action, forced to continue to turn the pages.
With an almost studied style but at the same time a very smooth one, Zampa involves you in the adventures of this provincial maresciallo struggling with a case out of the ordinary, characterised by international implications. But there aren’t only some international characters, it also concerns the impeccable narrative structure, which winks to great authors of bestsellers. The story is shown to us, little by little, starting from different points of view, which then converge, thanks to the investigations of Maggio, until the resolution of the case. All this is set in Italy, cleverly mixing real aspects within the fiction constructed by the author, in a way that you can’t to discern one from the other. What you receive is the distinct feeling that the story told not only could happen, but maybe it could be already happened.
A pleasant reading takes you to the epilogue, leaving you with the desire to learn more about its protagonist and face with him new mysterious cases.

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