Live or Die: Betelgeuse or Alpha Orionis - J.A. Hawkings

***** Surprising science fiction

As soon as you start reading this first novel from the “Live or Die” series, you are astonished. You are facing a hallucinated diary of the protagonist, who tells you what happens in real time, thus transmitting his anguish and most of all his uncertainty. All that he refers is just a little more than an interpretation, because Sirio (what a great choice as a name) doesn’t even know where he is. He is trapped in a bunker, in an unknown place on Earth and the destiny of the entire planet is in his hands, actually fingers.
We follow his thoughts, his communications (presuming they are real) with the outside and with his far companions, but we don’t know what is actually happening and this forces us to continue to read.
The plot of “Live or Die” is genial and well played. The initial narrative structure captivates you. At a certain point everything changes, the story changes its prospective, by adding new elements. And then it changes again, until you reach the ending with a great twist, which wipes away all your certainties. Genial.
If I have to find some flaws, I can do it by comparing the first part from the subjective point of view of the protagonist with the others. The former is more efficacious. The insertion of an omniscient point of view in the second part of the story creates an unintentional distance, which can however be filled, but anyway it does not affect at all your curiosity and your desire to know what will happen next.
I’m curious to follow how the events will evolve in the next book, as I cannot really figure them out.
Surely it is a valuable proof for an author, who tries such a complex genre like science fiction for the first time. He can just improve and entertain us even more.

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