There Is Always a Reason, Maresciallo Maggio! - Francesco Zampa

***** The genesis of a character

I had liked the novel chronologically set after this book, “Double murder for Maresciallo Maggio”, so it was with great curiosity that I approached reading these three good stories, presenting the protagonist of this series of crime stories.
Maresciallo Maggio, which initially didn’t even have a first name, emerges slowly in these stories with his humanity and his wit. At the beginning, he is presented by the author in light-minded contexts, even with comical implications, but with the transition from one story to another they acquire a greater depth, until someone dies. The drama, however, is shown with tact and at the same time it is soothed by the ironic voice of the author. So thanks to them we have the opportunity to learn more about the environment in which Maggio and his colleagues move, and appreciate its nuances. The pace of the stories is fast and smooth, forcing the reader to continue until the end of each short story. The characters are believable and well defined, despite the limitations imposed by a short narrative. The plots are quite elaborate, pushing the curious reader who likes the investigation to compete with Maggio to find out before him about the facts. But this is by no means simple.

It is a reading that I suggest to do before the above-mentioned novel, to fully appreciate the growth of this author and his character.

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