Paperback edition of “The Mentor” on sale at only $6.99 for a limited time

Detective Eric Shaw, chief of a forensic squad at Scotland Yard, is about to turn 50. He is divorced with a 15-years-old son, and is completed devoted to his job, to the point that nailing the criminals is almost becoming an obsession to him. Sometimes this pushes him to create false evidence in order to frame someone he knows is the culprit.
During the investigation of series of murders that seem related to a cold case he had worked on about twenty years ago, he starts suspecting the killer is a person he cares for.
What is he supposed to do now?

You can find it out by yourself in “The Mentor”.

My crime thriller is available as ebook, audiobook, and in paperback on Amazon.

The paperback edition is currently on sale on at only $6.99 through 6 February 2016.
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Meet Detective Eric Shaw and … his pupil.