Interview with Anna Persson from “Red Desert” on The Protagonist Speaks

On 20 July 2016, the same date of the 40th anniversary of Viking 1 landing on Mars, Anna Persson, the main character in my “Red Desert” series set on the Red Planet, appeared in an interview of The Protagonist Speaks, a blog by Assaph Mehr.

As you can imagine, his blog collects very special interviews with characters from fiction books, which are a nice and quite original way to meet their stories and maybe be appealed into reading them.
Anna had actually given the original interview in Italian on a website called Kuiper Belt and it was translated, thanks to the help of Eric Klein (another fellow author), into English, thus giving you the chance to read it.

I must inform you that the interview was made after the end of the series, so it can include some spoilers. It also casts light on the open ending of the series and reveals some interesting background.
So Anna escapes from her confinement on Twitter and takes a seat in front of her interviewer to tell us something more about her, Hassan, her family, her present, letting us prefigure something about her future.

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