The Last Coyote - Michael Connelly

***** Bosch never disappoints you

This time Harry Bosch has to deal with a case from the past that personally concerns him: the murder of his mother, a prostitute whose death has never found an explanation. For a long time he wanted to avoid taking care of it, but now in a new period of crisis he’s facing (his woman left him, his house will be demolished and he is suspended from work for attacking his boss, while he sees the returning of his problems with alcohol) he decides to make clear about a murder of which nobody has never cared, except him.
Connelly’s pen throws us into Los Angeles’ most obscure places in the 90s and 60s to follow Bosch in his quest for truth. Once again, the author shows us another facet of this wonderful character, so complex that it is an inexhaustible source of conflicts that never bore and succeeds in making the reader identify in him.
As in the previous novels, we are led to a number of theories, but the answer is before our eyes, yet invisible until the end, because our involvement in Bosch’s personal and emotional events makes us almost blind to the details, just as it happens to him.

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