Get “The Mentor” before it’s too late!

When “The Mentor” was published two years ago and became an Amazon international bestseller, hitting No. 1 in the Kindle Store in USA, UK and Australia, I was amazed by how many readers had I copy of my book in their Kindle and actually were reading it. More than 170,000 people read my book, which was a lot more than what I hoped when I sold the English translations rights to Amazon Publishing.
Now, two years later, my agreement with Amazon Publishing is coming to an end and in about three weeks I’ll get those rights back, therefore the current edition of “The Mentor” won’t be available anymore (actually there will still be some copies in paperback for a while).
So this is the last chance for you to get and read this crime thriller set in London, and meet for the first time Detective Chief Inspector Eric Shaw and his pupil.

You can get your copy here:

The price is $3.99 in USA, 5.07 in Canada, £4.00 in UK, only €0.99 in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, €4.11 in The Netherlands, $6.49 in Australia, R$ 12.91 in Brazil, ¥6.87 in China, ¥ 471 in Japan, Rs129 in India, and $72.36 in Mexico.
The book is available as ebook, paperback and audiobook.
Moreover it is free for Kindle Unlimited members.

Of course this is not the end for Detective Shaw. He will return soon with a brand new edition (including a new translation, this time into British English) of “The Mentor”, which will be followed by “Syndrome” and “Beyond the Limit”, thus completing the Detective Eric Shaw Trilogy.

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This is how the trilogy looks like in its original Italian edition. Do you like it?

See you again very soon with the Detective Eric Shaw Trilogy!