False Flag - Jay Tinsiano

**** Complex and enjoyable story with a slightly slow start

This novella is the first book in a series of thrillers whose main character is Frank Bowen. Although it is a short text that is often offered for free to encourage the reading of the following one, it is completely self-conclusive and works well as a single book. Furthermore, the text is very good. I haven’t noticed typos or other errors (if there are any, they must be just a few).
The story takes place in the 90s in the period before the return of Hong Kong to China, while media attention is focused on the war in Iraq. The quite varied and well-described international environment and the details of the intrigues and procedures involving the various intelligence agencies are a sign of a considerable research effort that almost amazed me, since it is such a short text.
The plot is not overly original and there are some fairly predictable aspects, including the ending, but it has some unexpected twists, which keep the interest alive, and well-described action scenes.
Some parts are perhaps a bit slow. The beginning in particular isn’t exactly compelling and doesn’t make you want to go on in the story. If it hadn’t been such a short book, I would have probably abandoned it immediately. But I’m glad I didn’t do it.
Finally, I admit I had some difficulty in remembering the various characters, perhaps because they are many and are showed quite quickly. In my opinion, in this book there was material to write something much longer, which would allow the secondary characters to develop better, making them more interesting and memorable. This would have improved the whole story.
However, it was a good read that I can recommend.

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