Immortal - Dean Crawford

** Deceived by an inappropriate comparison with Crichton

This is a classic example of how bad marketing choices can harm a book. On the cover is in fact written “Michael Crichton for the next generation” referring to the author of the book. Well, Crawford has nothing to do with Crichton, nothing at all. Anyone like me who has bought his book expecting a techno-thriller focused on a scientific topic and supported by careful research is bound to be disappointed.
The only vaguely scientific thing there is the basic idea, i.e. that some bacterium is able to prolong human life. But there’s no more than this.
The only positive elements of this book, as far as I am concerned, are precisely the basic idea, but it wasn’t developed from the scientific point of view, some nice jokes of the characters, even if at a certain point they are too many, and some twists, that would have been interesting if I hadn’t stopped reading a thousand times, since the story just couldn’t appeal me.
But it’s not the fault of the book itself. The point is, it wasn’t the book I wanted to read.
This is the classic commercial action thriller (nothing bad in itself, but, again, it is not for me) with the usual stereotyped characters: the old super rich villain (for no particular reason) on one side, the infallible hero on the other, with a joke always ready and that, despite meeting the worst possible situations, doesn’t get even a scratch, and a partner who is the usual cliché of a strong and irascible woman with whom the hero has a relationship that seems to transcend friendship, but never goes further.
They are elements that, with the mere replacement of the bad guy, allow you to create a theoretically infinite series of this type of thrillers, readable in any order and in which the main characters, being completely two-dimensional, do not undergo any growth.
I repeat, I have nothing against this type of books, apart from the fact that I prefer to read something different, but the point is that they have absolutely nothing to do with Crichton. Since the publisher tricked me into buying by deception, the negative review is a must.
I am sorry for the author, because it is evident that he can do his job very well.

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