Nova Swing - M. John Harrison

**** A pleasant surprise 

I started reading this novel with very low expectations dictated from having read the reviews by other readers and I must admit, instead, that I was pleasantly surprised, demonstrating once again how reading the opinions of others can be misleading.
Actually at the beginning of the reading I felt disoriented, with all those descriptions of situations and characters that are hard to imagine and especially with the remarkably static narrative. Going forward, however, I managed to get used to the unusual language of the author and appreciate the evocative aspect. Meanwhile, the story came alive and took hold of me forcing me to go ever further, so much that it became difficult to stop.
It is an original work, in which you cannot imagine what will happen next or the real implications of what has happened, where the main characters are annoying and you’re apparently happy to realize that at the end the story abandons them, giving space to much more interesting secondary characters.
The lingering in improbable descriptions of improbable places and the author’s ability to get out of each narrative scheme keeping you glued to the pages, whilst in your head an incredible universe takes shape that only the written word can evoke, are in my opinion the strengths of this novel. Not everybody is probably able to appreciate them, but it is undoubtedly a type of science fiction that is in my comfort zone.

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