Dremiks - Cassandra Davis

***** An exciting space opera

There is much work behind this novel. You perceive it by its length, the complexity of the plot, the amount of characters and how their stories are intertwined, the attention to detail and even its division into a large number of scenes, which provide us with the picture of a truly impressive story, one of those for which you cannot wait to resume reading.
In a Star Trek-style atmosphere we find the crew of the Hudson, the first spacecraft to leave the solar system to reach that of an alien race, the Dremikians. Their planet, Dremiks, is threatened by the partial destruction of one of its moon, and humans offer to help them save it in exchange for new technology and the settlement of a colony on the planet. From this assumption comes the story of Captain Brett Hill, Commander Maggie O’Connell and all the other characters on board, including the alien Dwax. Soon each of them becomes our friend and we learn about the dynamics that bind them, in a mission that is anything but simple. Behind it in fact, a whole series of intrigues are hidden involving both humans and Dremikians, but not only them.
I’d rather not get into details, it would take away the surprise to those who’ll read it. Suffice it to say that this beautiful novel caught me and entertained me, and I almost felt sorry that it’s over. It’s not easy to manage so many characters and still be able to make them real and distinguishable, but Cassandra Davis has succeeded in it.
If you like stories with spaceships, aliens and interstellar travels, you must read it.

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