Incompatible Twins - Martina Munzittu

***** Light and amusing 

Two identical but opposite twins are the means by which Munzittu Martina likes to explore the relationship between two women, and she succeeds very well. That of identical twins, who do everything to be different, is a very common theme, but Munzittu goes further radicalising this concept and proposing Lucy and Poppy, two twenty year old Londoners, who, perhaps also because of the young age, and ingenuity, seem to do everything possible to stand out from one another, in every aspect. On the one hand we have Lucy, the "normal", with a house, a job, but unfortunately single. Poppy, on the other, the "alternative", who has squandered some of the money received as an inheritance (so convenient!) to travel the world, who is so determined to adopt habits and customs of other cultures, possibly mixing them, in search of something that perhaps not even she knows what it is.
Between the two, paradoxically, the one that seems most restricted of views is actually the latter, closed within its idealisms, unlike the former, more bound to reality, who seems better to withstand the strangeness of her sister. Of course, up to a certain point. Poppy obsessed by her alternate world refuses to look at the reality that surrounds her, considers it the worst one and comes to not respect it, as it happens in a funny episode (which I won't tell to avoid spoilers), which will cause a strong contrast between the two sisters.
All this is cleverly orchestrated in this chick-lit, sometimes hilarious novella, which brings the reader to choose which side to take.
It is a reading that I would recommend to anyone who wants to spend a few pleasant hours and discover this good author. Munzittu offers it for free in ebook format on her website in exchange for the subscription to her newsletter. A paperback version is instead available on Amazon.

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