Into the Killer Sphere - Stefania Mattana

***** Beware the sphere!

After getting to know Chase Williams in the short stories of “Cutting Right to the Chase”, I was looking forward to seeing this character dealing with a real case, with a complex story, to find out how he would fare. Our Chase in this “Into the Killer Sphere” (another title with a double meaning, which in itself is a small masterpiece) finds himself before the classic murder that took place in the context of a rich family, whose members, without exception, seem to be the suspects, because of their ambiguous behaviour and for the fact that they can benefit in some way from the death their relative. Yet it’s all very bizarre, starting with how the victim is dead, and actually the story focuses much more on the “how” than on the “who”, which at some point can be understood by an especially careful reader.
Chase with his awkward manners, which maybe bring the suspects to underestimate him (another element of classic detective stories), however, conceals a unique insight in following the traces, even the most insignificant ones, and coming to a solution, whilst the reader is unable to stand behind his reasoning, only to be caught by surprise with the final revelation. The reader would never come to it, although it was all in front of their eyes, as in the tradition of the great detective stories.
Congratulations to Stefania, this Sardinian Agatha Christie who follows admirably the tracks of this great writer and, I am sure, will make us live yet many fun adventures on the streets of Tursenia.

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