The Helavite War - Theresa Snyder

***** A long adventure in space

In this first novel in the “Star Traveler Series” Theresa Snyder sends us into a unspecified Star Wars style future, where mankind travels smoothly between a star system and the other in the galaxy, populated by numerous species of aliens, some very sociable and others a bit less. In this almost fairy-tale setting we follow the adventures of the human Jake and the young Henu Arr, mercenaries with sound principles, who in the course of several years are facing daring situations and dangerous enemies. But the real strength of the story is the fraternal relationship between the two protagonists. On the one hand there is Jake, used to a solitary life, who in one of his many trips encounters the young Henu, last survivor of his alien species, and takes him under his wing, as if he were a younger brother. The bound between the two is strong and more than once takes the reader to be moved while feeling the suffering of Arr, when he is separated from Jake.
This type of space opera, suitable for an audience of any age, is different from the more film style one I’m used to. The story does not have a single thread, apart from the friendship of Arr and Jake, but unfolds through a series of very enjoyable episodes, which make it a fascinating and light reading that finds its strength in the characters.
I recommend it to any reader who loves stories with good feelings and many spaceships.

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