At Risk - Patricia Cornwell

**** Fast but good 

I admit I was sceptical about this short novel by Cornwell, being very short, but I had to change my mind. Dear Patricia in this little gem of hers shows her great ability to use the synthesis without depleting the story. She just narrates the basic features, without frills and without being long-winded, giving rise to a compelling story that you do not get bored of and that pushes you to get to the end as soon as possible.
 The only downside to this type of work, halfway between a novel and a novella, is the fact that they often have exorbitant prices for something that, having the time, you read in a few hours. Fortunately, there are flea markets.
 In any case, it is an reading that I would recommend to lovers of thrillers and beyond. It’s a story that everyone can really like, but do not get distracted in reading, because, given the brevity, you should not skip even a comma, otherwise you may miss something important. This latter aspect is actually typical of all the novels by Cornwell, especially in the final parts, often very hastier than the rest. In this case, however, since the entire novel is very short, the whole is much more balanced.

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