The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim - Jonathan Coe

 **** Unpredictable and weird

What about this novel? Surely it captures you, the story is so bizarre as not to give the slightest reference on how it will evolve, which of course increases the reader’s curiosity.
 Surely sometimes it’s really funny. I’ve found very interesting the way the author has structured the book, inserting the four short stories, one for each element (water, earth, fire, air). There is obviously a lot of work and Coe has certainly had fun doing it.
 What left me wondering, and that’s why I stopped at four stars, is the discovery that the protagonist makes toward the end, even by suggestion of another character who barely knows him. I would say I was bewildered. It’s definitely a nice idea, one of those you do not expect, but at the same time I find it banal and repetitive, because it is already used in the story, but especially not credible.
 All this, however, is saved by the final twist: the fiction in the fiction that allows you to overlook many things.
 Obviously I won’t go into detail so as not to spoil the surprise for those who are going to read this novel.
Anyway, it was a good read.

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