Southern Cross - Patricia Cornwell

**** Cornwell even without Scarpetta does not disappoint 

I had read the first book of this series, focusing on the Chief Judy Hammer and Andy Brazil, several years ago and I admit that, being accustomed to follow the adventures of Kay Scarpetta, I had not appreciated it much, so I had put off for a long time reading this second novel (for more than 10 years). 
 I think I did well, because since then I’ve definitely expanded my reading and now I possess the tools to appreciate it.
 “Southern Cross” is certainly a good novel. More than the usual detective story it is a slice of life in the capital of Virginia, Richmond. At the same time, mixing humour and action, it presents a story that you do not expect. For most of the reading you have fun in getting to know the characters, but you don’t know exactly where the story will take you.
 At one point, things change and you are wrapped in a whirlwind of events.
 By carefully reading this book you realize how much Cornwell is good at writing. Her characters are terribly real and you cannot help but love them or hate them.
 The ending as always in her novels is pretty quick, but it aligns perfectly with the rhythm of the last part of the book.

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