Ramses: The Son of Light - Christian Jacq

***** Ramses before becoming Pharaoh 

It is always difficult to write a review of a work by Jacq without being repetitive. The author addresses immortal stories of great characters of ancient Egypt with a very similar approach and at the same time an always winning one.
This novel, the first in a series of five, tells us about the adolescence of young Ramses II, perhaps the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, skilfully blending historical facts and mythological characters, both generally well known to the reader, with the fiction created by him. 
Using a language worthy of the protagonist of his work, he combines various topics, such as court intrigue, love, religion, action, suspense and magic, which, as always, is described as something real, in the same way it was felt in the Egyptian civilization, where it was one with religion and science. 
The result is a work in which the reader is so completely at ease, so it is hardly surprising that this is one of the biggest bestsellers of the 90s, which was able to take more people to the knowledge and study of ancient Egypt. 
And this is just the first chapter in a long story.

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