Pre-order "Red Desert - Point of No Return" and get ready to explore Mars

Have you ever dreamt to explore the Red Planet?

This dream will become true (more or less) on 30 June, when the first book of "Red Desert" series is published. If you don't want to miss it, you can already pre-order the ebook on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo, at only 99 cents.

You will soon meet Anna Persson and travel with her into the Martian desert in a pressurised rover.
She left Station Alpha at the crack of dawn and she doesn't want to return.
Where is she going?
Is she trying to kill herself?
Or is she looking for something?

The only way to know is to follow her in her journey, let her tell you everything about her past, while you both face dust storms and grey rocks within the immense red desert of Mars.

You can learn more about the book on Goodreads, where you can already find some reviews in English.

And you can pre-order "Red Desert - Point of No Return" now at only 99 cents on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

Explore Mars . . .

“It’s not that simple. We’re talking about going to Mars. Living on Mars! How can I give up becoming one of the colonisers of another planet?”
I’m immersed in a deafening silence, only broken by the noise of my breath and the beating of my heart, resounding in my ears. The day is coming to an end. The sun is approaching the horizon. It will set in a little while together with its warmth.