My busy May among self-publishing events and a new novel

I haven’t been very present in the social networks (at least not in English) and in this blog lately, because this month is going to be quite demanding to me. I’ve been invited to speak at two events concerning self-publishing here in Italy and near the end of the month I’ll publish my new Italian novel, so this May will be focused on promoting my work in my country, before the coming on June, when the first book of “Red Desert” will be out and I will shift my attention to the international audience.

Anyway I’d like to tell you what’s going on in these weeks, also because it’s quite important to me.

The first event to which I’ve been invited will take place at the Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, i.e. the biggest Italian book fair, which is definitely an unexpected achievement for an independent author like me. Of course the event is related to self-publishing, and the fact that Italian self-publishing is getting some national recognition, believe me, is something you don’t see every day.
I have to thank again Wired Magazine Italia for this opportunity, as it is going to host the event titled “Self-publishing: i sogni si pubblicano, non si chiudono nel cassetto” (dreams must be published, not closed in a drawer). I’ll have the chance to talk about my experience as self-published author, with a particular regard to the way I’ve created my reader base and how I use the Internet to increase it and promote my work.
Other guests include Diego Marano and Camille Mofidi from Kobo Writing Life, and Antonio Tombolini from Narcissus (an Italian self-publishing distribution company).
The event will take place in Turin on 9 May, at 3 p.m. More infos are available here in Italian.

Then, just a week later, I’ll be in Todi, near Perugia (in Umbria), where I’m a guest of another event dedicated to self-publishing, titled “Leggere e scrivere ai tempi di internet” (reading and writing in the Internet era), together with a fellow author, Francesco Zampa. Hosted by Sonia Montegiove from Girl Geek Life (Italian web magazine about women who love technology), this is part of a national series of literary events called “Il maggio dei libri” (May of books) involving cities and towns all over Italy during May.
It will take place at the Biblioteca Comunale (city library) of Todi on 16 May at 5.30 p.m.

Finally, on 21 May my new novel will be published. This time I’m putting science fiction aside and I’m presenting a crime thriller, set in 2014 in London. It features as main character a forensic squad chief, Eric Shaw, involved in series of cases that remind him of an old crime to which he worked back in 1994 and regarded a person who is now very near to him.
This book will be available only in Italian, but sooner or later I’m going to have it translated into English, too.