Amazon Giveaway: win a copy of “Red Desert - Point of No Return” and start your adventure on Mars now!

Just in time for the recent NASA’s discovery of liquid water on Mars and a few days before “The Martian” movie opens in theatres worldwide, you have a chance to get a free paperback copy of the first book in my Mars science fiction series: “Red Desert - Point of No Return”.

No purchase is necessary.

You just have to visit this link:
And try to win a copy. Expiration: 5 October.

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Here is the book blurb.

Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going?
What secret is she hiding?

Thirty years after the Mars exploration mission Hera, whose crew died in mysterious circumstances, the ensuing political issues that slowed NASA’s race to conquer space have finally ended. This time the five members of the new Isis mission will not travel the 400 million kilometres for a short visit. This time they are destined to become the first colonisers of the Red Planet.

Now, in what looks like a suicide attempt, Swedish exobiologist Anna Persson, crew member of the Isis, secretly leaves Station Alpha at the crack of dawn to travel deep into the Martian desert in a pressurised rover.
As she journeys to the limit of her two day oxygen supply, she shows us memories of events from her past leading up to the mission. Little by little, as time and oxygen run out, she reveals the real Anna.
Whatever her goal, wherever it is, will Anna reach her destination?

Good luck!