“The Mentor” is out in USA, UK, and Australia for Kindle First members!

Twenty years ago Eric saved her.
Who will save him now?

“The Mentor” is a crime thriller set in London involving a forensic squad from Scotland Yard.
The main character is a chief forensics detective, Eric Shaw, who investigates a series of murders that seem related to a cold case involving a person he cares for.
The border between investigation and crime become blurred in a story whose purpose isn’t exactly find the culprit, but rather observe how the main character decides to react to his findings.

“The Mentor” is now available for only $1.99 (or corresponding amount) on Amazon in USA, UK, and Australia until the end of October, one month in advance before its official publication, only for Kindle First members (the subscription to Kindle First is free!).
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The official publication date for ebook ($5.99), paperback ($10.98), and audiobook ($9.99) editions is 1 November. Kindle Unlimited members will be able to borrow it for free starting from 1 November.

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Here is the English blurb of the book.

As Scotland Yard chief forensics detective Eric Shaw works a case with some resemblance to a crime he investigated twenty years earlier, he is convinced it is just a coincidence. But when more deaths occur in a style similar to those killings from the past, Shaw suspects that he has a serial killer on his hands—one who is pursuing a personal, cold-blooded vendetta.

Working closely with his protégée, Detective Miriam Leroux, Shaw analyzes the crimes down to the finest detail. He finds himself increasingly drawn to the lab, where criminologist Adele Pennington, a beautiful, enigmatic woman more than two decades his junior, proves distracting. Determined to maintain his professionalism despite the attraction, Shaw struggles to keep her at arm’s length. Yet Pennington’s unique insight proves critical, and as the investigation develops, so does their personal connection. With a killer on the loose, Shaw must follow a winding, blood-soaked trail that will take him in an unexpected and terrifying direction.

And here is the translation of the Italian blurb, which can give you some more information.

Detective Eric Shaw, chief of a forensics team at Scotland Yard, together with Murder Investigation Team detective Miriam Leroux, is investigating the death of a previous offender, killed by two pistol shots: one at his neck, in a style recalling an unusual execution, but preceded by another shot at his groin, which seems having a more personal implication.
However, his attention at work is often distracted by criminologist Adele Pennington, a beautiful woman more than two decades his junior, by whom he realises he is attracted, though his feelings aren’t returned.
Meanwhile, the details about a very similar crime are described in an anonymous blog, unbeknownst by the London police. The author of the blog signs herself Mina, like one of the victims in a case Shaw investigated many years ago.

Meet Detective Eric Shaw … and his pupil.

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