The Shadow of Fate - Elisa S. Amore

***** A nice young adult novella to discover a brand new paranormal romance saga

I’m not exactly the right target reader for this novella. I have never loved teenage stories, not even when I was a teenager. But I must recognise that this is a text with a certain merit. It’s well written, it has got a very good prose. The narrated story recalls vividly many more stories concerning young Americans: the less than innocent games, the skirmishes, the best friend fallen for the heroine but irremediably confined to the friend zone, the heroine who isn’t interested in love in real life but lives in the books she reads. They are well-known themes to which the author was able to give a personal touch. The fact it causes in me the same sense of annoyance that I usually feel for this kind of stories means that it works and that the fans of this genre will surely love it.
Being myself a fan of mystery and suspense, I surely preferred the final part of this book, with the cliffhanger (one of my favourite narrative tools) which wants to push the reader towards the first book in the saga.

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