The Great Train Robbery - Michael Crichton

***** Great historical reconstruction by the master

The great robbery on the train in 1855 is one of the true stories in which reality overcomes fantasy. The ingenious way with which the robbery was prepared, its development full of twists and the surprising ending seem to be the result of someone’s imagination, and instead they are history.
Crichton wrote this book halfway between account and novel, mixing facts coming from his research with fiction scenes created by him on the basis of such facts. No wonder it became a film. It seems conceived and written for cinema!

The reader has the opportunity to step down in Victorian London and learn its uses and customs, especially regarding crime, starting with the picturesque jargon. You can’t help laughing at some points of the text and you become a fan of the gentleman thief and his companions. The reading is fascinating for all its length, but the most amazing thing is the ending.