Science fiction, self-publishing, AmazonCrossing and more. Interview on Origin podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Bryan Aiello on his podcast called “Origin: Stories on Creativity and now it is available for you to listen to it.
We had a very nice chat that lasted almost an hour and during which I had the chance to talk about many topics related to my books and my activity as an author.

I must say that it is a rare case of an interview done without any special preparation on my side. I didn’t know what Bryan was going to ask me so it was completely spontaneous and I think this made the interview more interesting. Well, except the times I asked him to repeat because I hadn’t understood. My listening skills in an audio-only conversation in English aren’t so good, because I rarely have the chance to practice, but in the end, it wasn’t such an issue during this interview, which I enjoyed very much.

As I said, the main topic of the interview was related to my books, especially the RedDesert series (notice that there are some minor spoilers), and my approach at writing them, but then we ended up talking about a lot more than this, including my thriller “The Mentor” and my experience (both the good and the bad part of it) with AmazonCrossing, which published this book in English in 2015 (I got my rights back at the end of 2017 and the book will be republished soon). Of course, we also talked about self-publishing, but also about science fiction and the book I’m currently writing. I even mentioned another Italian science fiction author who is quite popular in my country and whose books I really like, even if they have nothing to do with the kind of science fiction I write.

You’ll also notice that I laugh a lot!
Actually I really had fun doing this and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as well.

You can listen to the podcast on its website or right here from YouTube.

Once more, thanks to Bryan Aiello for having me on his podcast!

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