Stormtrack - James Sutherland

*** A rushed story

Thinking back to the essential points of the plot, I realise that there is potential, yet I cannot say that the book has impressed me.
The plot is indeed linear. The first chapters only serve to present the protagonist, Ross Moran, but nothing important happens until he is sent to a space station and there he is offered a job on another space station called Boreas. Among advanced technologies that clash with others that are antiquated to say the least (the characters travel in Earth orbit, but use a typewriter!), an adventure unfolds in which the events are narrated in a very simplistic fashion. The way technology is presented is superficial and very weak pseudo-scientific explanations are used. It doesn’t seem to be just a matter of style, since the author suddenly becomes much more precise in speaking of meteorology (or at least he gives this feeling to a layman in this topic like me).
The events follow each other in a hurry, in a way that I would define improbable. Even the dialogues, at times, are not very convincing. The whole thing is stuffed with clich├ęs, like the supervillain soldiers who don’t listen to reason, especially if they are women in charge.
I can not even say that I didn’t like the book at all. I liked the protagonist. It was nice to plunge into his mind, and his inner monologues are engaging. There are also some good action scenes. Nevertheless, the general feeling was that of excessive simplicity, as if it were the first version of a story that has not yet been fully developed. What a pity.

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