Pull the Trigger - Stefania Mattana

***** Finally Chase reveals a bit of himself to the reader

After the collections of ultra-short stories, “Right Cutting to the Chase”, and the intriguing novella “Into the Sphere Killer”, the first true novel that sees Chase Williams as the protagonist finally arrives. Our favourite former Scotland Yard detective investigates together with his friend Inspector Angelo Alunni on two murders occurred near Tursenia, involving promising young Olympic athletes. The two cases are separated in time and apparently independent from each other, but some details connect them, giving rise to an intricate mystery that will once again test the investigative skills of our Chase.
In this full-bodied novel, Mattana combines a classic British detective story, almost impossible to solve, where the reader has all before the eyes but is not able to connect the threads, with a captivating subplot throwing a little light on the past of the protagonist. What happened to Chase in London? What terrible fact led him to leave his job at the Metropolitan Police to retire to live in a place almost in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany?
While the investigation goes on, we will learn more about Chase and start growing fond of him, and suffering a bit with him. The ending is absolutely perfect: it satisfies the reader and at the same time leaves them with the desire to read more.
Mattana shows in this novel her excellent ability to manage a complex plot while maintaining the difficult balance between the development of the story and the introspection of the characters. This way they come to life, come out from the pages of the book and become friends of the reader, so that the latter finds themselves waiting impatiently for the time to go and read the book, to spend some time with them.
And, now that I’ve finished reading it, I just have to wait for the next one in the series, hoping that the wait is not too long.

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